Home sitting job for all unemployed, salary up to 15000 – Work From Home Job

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Work From Home Job: If you are unemployed and looking for a job, some companies like Globalfare Implex and Experiment Labs have given the opportunity to work from home. This opportunity is open to all the candidates irrespective of the state they belong to. Whereas on getting a job in these companies, you will be given a salary of Rs 8,000 to 15,000 per month. Below you will find information about Work From Home Jobs in 10 similar companies that have open vacancies and the process to apply for them has been explained in detail.

Work From Home Job: Information about all work from home jobs

Some of the internships currently available are Sales, Fundraising, Partnerships, Video Making/Editing, Figma Design, Social Media Marketing, Telecalling, Graphic Design, and Video Solutions. Through these opportunities, there is a chance to work with companies such as Globalfair Complex, Scope for Change, Bhoomi, Mayank Sharma, AssignU, Allo Innovator, Rampur Educational & Welfare Trust, Experiment Labs, Digital Ipsum, and RunScience Learning. All these internships will be on work from home and will provide salary for a month in different fields. The last date of application for these posts has been fixed on various dates from 31 July 2023 to 7 August 2023.

Video Solutions (Chemistry & Biology) – RunScience Learning
Salary: ₹15,000 per month
Apply: www.internshala.com/i/7603b8
Last Date: 7 August 2023

Video Making/Editing – Mayank Sharma
Salary: ₹5,000 per month
Apply: www.internshala.com/i/80914f
Last Date: 7 August 2023

Graphic Design – Digital Ipsum
Salary: ₹4,000 per month
Apply: https://www.internshala.com/i/f0d9c0
Last Date: 7 August 2023

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Sales Company – Globalfair Complex
Salary: ₹8,000 per month
Apply: https://www.internshala.com/i/1cd6fd
Last Date: 31 July 2023

Fundraising Company – Scope for Change
Salary: ₹1,000 per month
Apply: https://www.internshala.com/i/acf22c
Last Date: 4 August 2023

Partnerships Company – Bhoomi
Salary: ₹5,000 per month
Apply: https://www.internshala.com/i/2edafe
Last Date: 5 August 2023

Telcalling – Experiment Labs
Salary: ₹5,000 per month
Apply: https://www.internshala.com/i/acc86a
Last Date: 7 August 2023

Figma Design (Females) – Assignee
Salary: ₹1,000 per month
Apply: www.internshala.com/i/3885b5
Last Date: 7 August 2023

Social Media Marketing – Allo Innovator
Salary: ₹5,000-₹7,000 per month
Apply: https://www.internshala.com/i/456995
Last Date: 7 August 2023

Fundraising Company – Rampur Educational & Welfare Trust
Salary: ₹1,000-₹2,000 per month
Apply: https://www.internshala.com/i/5fca6b
Last Date: 7 August 2023

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