Indian National Movement Movement and years related to freedom movement

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Indian National Movement (movement and year related to the freedom movement): To get a government job and to pass the exam, it is most important that your Common Sense raise the level of Among all the topics asked in the examination for government jobs, Indian National Movement (movements and years related to the freedom movement) is one such topic which can drop or lift the candidate in the exam. If you want to get ahead of others then it is important that you Have a good hold on the topic of the Indian National Movement (movements and years related to the freedom movement).

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Indian National Movement (movements and years related to the freedom movement)

Indian National Movement Movement and years related to freedom movement

Indian National Movement (movement and year related to freedom movement): Here all the questions related to general GK are given, which are very important from the point of view of the examination. These questions will definitely help you in the exam.

✿ Movement and year related to freedom movement ✿

♜ Partition Movement (Swadeshi Movement)
➜ 1905 AD

Establishment of Muslim League
➜ 1906 AD

♜ Congress split
➜ 1907 AD

♜ Home Rule Movement
➜ 1916 AD

♜ Lucknow Pact
➜ December 1916 AD

♜ Montague Declaration
➜ 20 August 1917 AD.

♜ Rowlatt Act
➜ 19 March 1919 AD.

♜ Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
➜ 13 April 1919 AD.

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♜ Khilafat Movement
➜ 1919 AD

♜ Hunter Committee report published
➜ 18 May 1920 AD

♜ Nagpur session of Congress
➜ December 1920 AD

♜ Beginning of non-cooperation movement
➜ 1 August 1920 AD.

♜ Chauri-Chaura incident
➜ 5 February 1922 AD.

♜ Establishment of Swarajya Party
➜ January 1, 1923 AD.

♜ Hindustan Republican Association
➜ October 1924 AD.

♜ Appointment of Simon Commission
➜ 8 November 1927 AD.

Arrival of Simon Commission in India
➜ 3 February 1928 AD.

♜ Nehru Report
➜ August 1928 AD

♜ Bardoli Satyagraha
➜ October 1928 AD

♜ Lahore Padyantra Case
➜ 8 April 1929 AD.

♜ Lahore session of Congress
➜ December 1929 AD

♜ Declaration of Independence Day
➜ 2 January 1930 AD.

♜ Salt Satyagraha
➜ 12 March 1930 AD to 5 April 1930 AD

♜ Civil Disobedience Movement
➜ 6 April 1930 AD.

♜ First Round Table Movement
➜ 12 November 1930 AD.

♜ Gandhi-Irwin Pact
➜ 8 March 1931 AD.

♜ Second Round Table Conference
➜ 7 September 1931 AD.

♜ Communal Award (Communal Award)
➜ 16 August 1932 AD.

♜ Poona Pact
➜ September 1932 AD

♜ Third Round Table Conference
➜ 17 November 1932 AD.

♜ Formation of Congress Socialist Party
➜ May 1934 AD

♜ Formation of Forward Bloc
➜ May 1, 1939 AD

♜ Liberation Day
➜ 22 December 1939 AD.

♜ Demand of Pakistan
➜ 24 March 1940 AD.

♜ august offer
➜ 8 August 1940 AD.

♜ Cripps Mission proposal
➜ March 1942 AD

♜ Quit India offer
➜ 8 August 1942 AD.

♜ Shimla Conference
➜ 25 June 1945 AD.

♜ Naval mutiny
➜ 19 February 1946 AD.

♜ PM Attlee’s announcement
➜ 15 March 1946 AD.

♜ Arrival of Cabinet Mission
➜ 24 March 1946 AD.

♜ Direct Action Day
➜ 16 August 1946 AD.

♜ Establishment of interim government
➜ 2 September 1946 AD.

♜ Mountbatten Plan
➜ June 3, 1947 AD

♜ got freedom
➜ 15 August 1947 AD.

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🔲🔳✅ Freedom Struggle Quiz ✅ 🔳🔲

🔳1. When is World Consumer Rights Day celebrated?
Ans. March 15

🔳2. When and where was the Ghadar Party established?
✅►-1 November 1913 AD in San Francisco (America).

🔳3. Under whose leadership was the Gadar Party formed?
✅►-Lala Hardayal.

🔳4. Who became the first president of Ghadar Party?
✅►-Sohan Singh Bhakkhana

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🔳5. When was Mahatma Gandhi conferred with the title of Kaiser-e-Hind?
✅►-In the year 1915.

🔳6. In which session, there was unity between the soft and hot parties of the Congress?
✅►-Lucknow session (1916 AD)

🔳7. In which session did the Muslim League and the Congress together set up a Joint Committee?
✅►-Lucknow session

🔳8. Which organization was established by Bal Gangadhar Tilak for self-government?
✅►-Home Rule League (in Poona in March 1916 AD)

🔳9. When and where did Annie Besant establish the Home Rule League?
✅►-September 1916 AD in Madras.

🔳10. Who was the first secretary of the Home Rule League established under the leadership of Annie Besant?
✅►-George Arundel

🔳11. Who came to be known as recruiting sergeant?
✅►-Mahatma Gandhi. Because during the First World War, Gandhiji encouraged people to join the army.

🔳12. Who established the Sabarmati Ashram?
✅►-Mahatma Gandhi

🔳13. When and where did Mahatma Gandhi establish the Sabarmati Ashram?
✅►-1916 AD in Ahmedabad.

🔳14. Who inspired Gandhi to come to Champaran?
✅►-Bihar’s farmer leader Rajkumar.

🔳15. Where did Gandhiji use Satyagraha for the first time?
✅►-South Africa

🔳16. Where did Gandhi use Satyagraha for the first time in India?
✅►-Champaran (Bihar)

🔳17. When did the Champaran movement take place?
✅►-In the year 1917.

🔳18. Which practice did the British have to end because of the Champaran rebellion?
✅►-Teenkathia practice

🔳19. In whose support did Mahatma Gandhi go on hunger strike for the first time?
✅►-1918 E. In support of the strike of Ahmedabad mill workers.

🔳20. Which movement was launched by Mahatma Gandhi in Kheda district of Gujarat in 1918?
✅►-no tax movement

🔳21. When was the Rowlatt Act implemented?
✅►-19 March 1919 AD.

🔳22. What was Rowlatt Act?
✅►-Such a law under which any suspicious person could be arrested without trial. No appeal, no argument and no lawyer could be made against him.

🔳23. When did Gandhiji start the nationwide strike against the Rowlatt Act?
✅►-6 April 1919 AD.

🔳24. When did the Jallianwala Bagh massacre take place?
✅►-13 April 1919 AD.

🔳25. Where did the Jallianwala Bagh massacre take place?

🔳26. Who led the Jallianwala Bagh massacre?
✅►-General Dyer

🔳27. What was the reason behind the Jallianbala Bagh massacre?
✅►-General Dyer fired indiscriminately at the public meeting against the arrest of Dr. Satpal and Saifuddin Kichlu.

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🔳28. How many people died in the Jallianwala Bagh massacre?
✅►-According to the government report, 379 and according to the Congress committee, 1000 people were killed.

🔳29. Which Indian had supported General Dyer in the Jallianwala Bagh massacre?

🔳30. Who resigned from the membership of the Viceroy’s Executive Council in protest against the Jallianwala Bagh massacre?
✅►-Shankaran Nair

🔳31. Under whose chairmanship did the British government set up an eight-member inquiry committee into the Jallianwala Bagh massacre?
✅►-Lord Hunter.

🔳32. How many Indians were among the members of the inquiry committee constituted by the British Government?

🔳33. Under whose leadership did the Congress set up a commission to investigate the Jallianwala Bagh massacre?
✅►-Madan Mohan Malviya. Motilal Nehru and Gandhiji were also other members of this commission.

🔳34. Whose property was Jallianwala Bagh?
✅►-The person named Jalli.

🔳35. Against whom was the Khilafat movement started?
✅►-Against the Allies. especially against britain

🔳36. In whose support was the Khilafat Movement done?
✅►-Indian Muslims started a movement in support of the Khalifa of Turkey.

🔳37. When was Khilafat Day celebrated across the country?
✅►-19 October 1919 AD.

🔳38. When did Mahatma Gandhi preside over the joint conference of Hindus and Muslims?
✅►-23 November 1919 AD.

🔳39. When did the non-cooperation movement start?
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